Clarification from the Placement Committee

This is with reference to the recent set of news articles that have been published by multiple media agencies following Cluster 1 of Final Placements 2013 at IIM Ahmedabad. The Placement Committee at IIMA wishes to explicitly clarify that many of these articles carry information that is unverified and speculative. The official press release of IIM-Ahmedabad post Cluster 1 was released on February 10, 2013 and can be found on the IIMA website at this location – Press Release Finals Placements 2013 (Cluster 1). This has been the only communication from IIM Ahmedabad’s Placement Committee to the media regarding Cluster 1 of Final Placements, and hence data published in other articles over and above the contents of the above release is unsubstantiated, inaccurate and not verified by any source within IIMA’s Placement Committee.

It is important to note that unsubstantiated media articles have the propensity to influence career decisions of aspiring students (especially during the current stage of the admission process to IIMs), and also project an inaccurate assessment of the job market scenario in the country. It has also been observed that new media articles on the topic are increasingly quoting references from the initial set of inaccurate articles that is creating a cascading wave of falsified information amongst the public.

IIMA introduced the Indian Placement Reporting Standards (IPRS) in 2010 in an effort to bring about transparency in B-school placement reporting. This initiative was taken by IIMA with contributions from various stakeholders including the media, recruiters and other B-schools, and has resulted in a comprehensive placement reporting standard. The standard assures the privacy of individual level data but specifies the format for reporting aggregate statistics which would satisfy the information needs of the various stakeholders. The due date for the IPRS report for ‘Final Placements 2013’ would be 6 months from the date of graduation, the links to which will be shared with both the media and the general public, once released.  The reports released thus far can be found here – IPRS Reports

IIM Ahmedabad, as a matter of policy, does not publish specific compensation data as this information is treated as strictly confidential. Moreover, IIMA views salary as only one of many components that constitutes a job offer on campus. Details of the number of students entering various sectors and functions as well as aggregate compensation related information would be formally published as part of IIMA’s ‘IPRS Report for Final Placements 2013’.

It is the earnest endeavour of the Placement Committee at IIMA to ensure adequate sharing of relevant information with all stakeholders. We urge reputed media agencies to exercise fair discretion while publishing placement-related articles and adequately accredit the quotes they carry in them. We request the public to view the IIMA Placement Committee’s press releases on the official website.

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