Clarification from the Media Cell

IIM Ahmedabad

This is in regards to the blog post published by the IIM Ahmedabad Media Cell on the changes to the Admission Policy for the batch of 2014-16 (see here). Some of the leading national dailies and online publishing agencies have published speculative and unsubstantiated articles, misrepresenting the spirit and intent of the original piece. As such, we would like to expressly clarify the following –
1. As explicitly and adequately stated in the blog post, the content of the piece is an attempt by the Media Cell (a student run media committee of IIM Ahmedabad) to evaluate and paraphrase some of the features of the new policy and not a comprehensive document that reflects the official policy of the institute. We would like to stress that for all official (including that for the information of the press) purposes, the original document (here) will be considered as the sole authentic source.

2. All views reflected in the blog post are the personal views of the author(s) who have compiled it for the Media Cell, and in no way represents the official opinion of the institute. The institute, the admissions committee and the Media Cell are in no way liable for any statements that are or may be misconstrued.

It has been observed that new media articles on the topic are increasingly quoting references from the initial set of inaccurate articles that is creating a cascading wave of falsified information amongst the public.

Please note that all official policy decisions as regards admissions will be communicated directly by the IIM Ahmedabad Admissions Committee via appropriate channels.

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