The CAT is out of the bag!

IIM Ahmedabad

This morning, CAT 2009 results were declared on the website Also, IIM Ahmedabad released its shortlist for the PGP program, which can be accessed at the following link

As aspirants woke up early today morning, frantically checking for any information regarding the results on web, it was a moment of nostalgia for the current students. We still remember the time last year, the hopes and dreams we all had, the joy of getting shortlisted by the top management institutes, the preparation for the interviews and essays, it all happened in a jiffy! The month after the shortlist was spent getting abreast of current affairs, revising basics and talking to seniors and friends. It seems just a few days back that we were interviewing with the same professors teaching us now. The year has indeed passed so soon…..

The results of course do not bring in good news for everyone. To all those aspirants who did not make it, it’s time to put the disappointment behind your backs and take up the other challenges ahead. Life indeed is not about the CAT and IIMs alone. There are many more opportunities, many avenues waiting for you ahead. What is important is determination, efforts and a positive attitude. With these ingredients, nothing can stop you from achieving success.

For those who managed to make it to the interview shortlist, heartiest congratulations! Remember this is only the first hurdle crossed; here your next step begins. Start preparing for interviews, put in your best efforts and crack them. We are waiting to welcome you on campus!

– Glen & Gurveen

Media Cell

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