Clarification regarding the Article in the Times of India dated 15th October 2011

Following the article in Times of India (Ahmedabad) dated 15th October 2011 mentioning that 3 PPO offers of over Rs. 1 Crore have been given to students, we would like to clarify in interest of the entire community that this information is unsubstantiated. Neither the Placement Committee nor the students have released any specific details to the media regarding the PPO offers and salary details.

We felt compelled to communicate this clarification because as a matter of policy we do not publish individual specific compensation details. These are confidential information and should be respected as such. The number of PPOs received by students is also data which we only share once final placements are over. Further, the Placement Committee has not received any compensation details for the mentioned PPOs from the firm(s).

We would also like to clarify that Times of India has not contacted the Media representative of IIM-A Placement Cell or any other Placement Committee member or the Placement Chair to verify the information they have published. The quote attributed to the Placement Committee member does not carry their name and further discredits the authenticity of this report.

IIMA has this year embraced transparency in reporting salary information as part of the Indian Placement Reporting Standards. We share this information with not just the media but also the general public. However we only share aggregate level data in this report. We do not release specifics of any individual firm’s offer. We understand that placements at IIMA are regularly followed. However we expect reputed newspapers to verify the information that they publish and accredit the quotes that they carry in the article.



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  2. Rajesh

    Very cheap from IIM A. For the third year in a row, you guys have done the same shitty thing… Get the news out to the media in someway or the other, and then come up with a clarification in this sidy blog of yours.

  3. insideiima

    Dear All,

    We thank you for your comments and feedback. From what we have seen (and please note, we have approved all comments and in fact not approved the ones which support us but use questionable language in lampooning the media), this article is viewed as a publicity stunt on our part.

    We would like to clarify that if any of you has had the opportunity to deal with the media before, you will realise that it is extremely difficult to prevent them from printing something which they have set their mind to. News leaks to the media in a variety of ways – and it is quite possible that this news leaker from some personal source on campus. We acknowledge that. However, even in that case, the figures are unsubstantiated and it is important at least for us to make our official stance clear. Hence this clarification. As long as unverified reports our published, we will go on to clarify our stance. We do not expect any support from our continuous and faithful detractors – but as always, we are willing to listen and accept constructive (if any) criticism.

  4. Puja Sharma

    IIMA is notorious for selectively ‘leaking’ sensational information to the media, especially ToI. Historically, such sensational stories are carried on top of the page… they seem to have downgraded it now… or perhaps the paper has finally realised that the common man of India is not obsessed with IIMA’s salaries. In any case, if sincere, this seems to be a good practice started by the institute… the previous regimes were certainly not bothered about people’s right to correct information. Why blame the media which has been strategically nurtured by the institute in the past to do such stories on a regular basis. The idea of sensationalising students’ salary figures did not germinate in a journalist’s mind… it was planted by IIMA…

    1. Jack

      @IIMA media cell: if you are so outraged with this media report, please sue the Times group for libel. This is the third time this exact same thing has happened. You can earn a good amount as damages, get some more free publicity, and make sure that this does not happen again.

      Of course, we all know you will not do this, because we all know that ToI published this – for what is at least the third time in the past couple of years – with the full knowledge and cooperation of IIM-A officials.

      Either sue them for libel and make them retract their story, or please – don’t insult the intelligence of the handful of people who may follow this blog.

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  6. I am surprised the hiring firms are not objecting. Besides them I do not think anyone should complain.

    IIM-A would not disclose or be indirectly involved in it as it will spoil their relationship with the industry.

    TOI has tons of ways getting information out.

    In any organization the administration staff knows everything. Who is going where, who has quit, who is hired because they do all the paper work.
    Even the peon knows everything.

    So quiet possible TOI has a big spy network!!!!

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